Why Grace Point? The message is simple. Jesus is our Savior, not our taskmaster.

Communion the way Jesus intended it to be

The Lord’s supper is so beautiful and so powerful. Jesus said we should do it in remembrance of him. The enemy fears the church understanding and enjoying communion as new covenant believers. God is restoring the reality of theses powerful truths to the body of Christ. Taking communion should not be a time of fearful, condemning, self introspection. It should be a time that’s filed with joy and celebration. Communion is the ultimate declaration of the finished work of the cross. But because of wrong teaching, communion has become for many, a dreary religious activity. One that is marked with fear and feelings of unworthiness. Come join us as we peal back the religious layers of man made tradition and take a fresh look at communion through the eyes of the cross and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Self-Righteousness Frustrates Grace

Our hearts are filled with peace as we realize all the promises are yes and amen in Jesus. FOR FREE!!!