Why Grace Point? The message is simple. Jesus is our Savior, not our taskmaster.

The place of prayer, in the revelation of Grace

As the waves of life giving grace begin to wash over and refresh the religion weary 

believer;many times everything that they have learned begins to reposition itself and 

take on new meaning. Prayer is one of those things. What is our role? Why do we pray? 

Do we really need to pray since it’s all finished. What is the place of prayer in the reality 

of his Grace? The enemy would try and slip in the lie, “Hey there’s no need to pray.” 

“Everything is already finished, you can’t really change anything.” “You don’t have a role 

to play.” well if there is one thing we know for sure. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. We invite you 

to join us as we look at this question.


God's word rightly divided and honored will reveal all of his amazing love and goodness.

The Gospel Shines Jesus, to Bring Salvation.