Why Grace Point? The message is simple. Jesus is our Savior, not our taskmaster.

God's word rightly divided and honored will reveal all of his amazing love and goodness.

Nothing is more powerful than God’s word. Everything we see was created by it. Man 

shall not live by bread alone but every word which proceeds out of the mouth of God. 

The bible also says to rightly divide the word of truth. It’s so important to read the bible 

through the light of the cross. The old covenant of law has beed fulfilled by Jesus. We 

are no longer under the law. We are now under the new covenant of grace. So 

understanding what applies to us and what does not is VERY important. The bible 

makes it very clear the letter kills but the spirit gives life. In the midst of the grace 

revolution what we cannot do is allow the enemy to bring in a contempt and dishonor to 

the word of God. EVERY word in the bible is God breathed and inspired. We must 

continue to honor and highly esteem the word of God as we also rightly divid

The Cross is the Crossroads from the old covenant into the new

The place of prayer, in the revelation of Grace