Why Grace Point? The message is simple. Jesus is our Savior, not our taskmaster.

The Cross is the Crossroads from the old covenant into the new

Jesus has provided for us the most AMAZING redemption and sadly many Christians live as though the cross never happened.  Folks still think they have to earn their standing with God. They live feeling as though the never measure up. They live with a perpetual sense of guilt and condemnation.  They believe in Jesus but don’t really understand what he accomplished for them on the cross. The truth is the cross changed EVERYTHING and Jesus sacrifice was enough to provide an eternal righteousness for us. Not based on our works but based on his. Join us as we open the word and let the Holy Spirit reveal the greatness of Jesus. 


God's fast track to blessing and spiritual maturity

God's word rightly divided and honored will reveal all of his amazing love and goodness.