Why Grace Point? The message is simple. Jesus is our Savior, not our taskmaster.

God is highly pleased with me; By Kari Ritchie


God is highly pleased with me. His face shines towards me with acceptance and approval. Because of Jesus.

I can get to a place where I  think that God is maybe “okay” with me...that He’s not condemning or punishing me…but it’s a stretch to think that He is pleased with me when I feel that I’m not doing right. But the truth is…God doesn’t need me to perpetuate His glory on the earth! He can do that totally without me.

I want to please the Lord…He has done so much for me that in my gratitude and thankfulness, I want to please Him. To bring glory to His name…to make Him look good to an unbelieving world. And there isn’t anything wrong with that…UNLESS I make that my focus and start trying to perform…

Whatcha talkin' about Kari Ritchie??

I can get so caught up in DOING things that I think please God…things I think bring Him glory…things I think, I think, I think…that I forget that He wants me to BE; He wants me to be with Him. He doesn’t need me to make Him look good…He only wants to enjoy me, love me, be pleased with me, bless me…and He wants me to receive or take His love, enjoyment, pleasure, and blessing from Him and enjoy my life in return.

I cannot enjoy my life if I’m concerned with what I’m supposed to DO all the time. Then I either do it well and get full of myself, or I do it badly and become condemned.

The greatest way I can pay God back for all He has given me through Jesus is to enjoy it.

I have to trust that if He wants me to do anything…He’ll tell me. Clearly. I have to trust His ability to speak to me more than I’m depending on my ability to hear.

And I have to quit trying to figure it all out on my own...

He is highly pleased with me…He loves me just the way I am and doesn’t want me to be any other way.  Because of that, I’m gonna have a good day!


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