I LOVE Jesus, my wife, my two sons, and God's people. I am called to preach radical Grace. It's time for Jesus to come back to the center stage of his own gospel. We are all tired of man made religion. The focus is not to be on preachers, or praise and worship leaders or even ministries and churches... ALL the focus, ALL the Honor, ALL the glory, belong to HIM and HIM alone. We are called to point to Jesus, not our pastor...  We are called to point to Jesus, not our church... We are called to point to Jesus, not ourselves. When Jesus is glorified, everyone is edified, when man is glorified, the cross is nullified and God's presence cannot abide. Grace is not just a doctrine, not just a teaching, not just a fad... The Gospel of Grace is the revealing of God's love and mercy through the FACE of JESUS CHRIST!!! When you REALLY see Jesus in his amazing grace... you fall in love...  :)


Worship Leader

Bryan Price is a Georgetown KY native. He has been leading worship in a variety of settings for over 16 years. His passion is simple…Jesus. A talented song writer and musician, Bryan longs to see the people of God free and in pursuit of the presence of God.